Super Easy DIY Cat Tent

Cats love enclosed spaces because they just seem to find comfort and safety there. So if you want to make a cozy and warm ‘chill-out’ area for your cat then this project is definitely suited for you! Sure, you can buy a ready-made cat tent but those toys cost money and your cat doesn’t care how much it cost. As far as I know, anyway. So why not make your own?

This video shows a quick and easy DIY cat tent using two things you have at home – no need to buy materials for this and it is very easy to assemble (it will take just a few minutes to finish). All you need are two wire coat hangers and an old t-shirt.

In principle it’s pretty much like a human tent. Straighten out the hangers so you have two long pieces of wire and bend them into a U shape. Shape the hangers into an arch and tape the wires where they cross. Lastly, put the whole structure inside the shirt and make sure that the neck hole creates an entrance to one side. You can also put a piece of cardboard or a flat cushion inside the tent to make your cat more comfortable.

Whoever came up with this idea is a cat-genius and cats all over the world have already tried and approve of this project. 🙂

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