The Five Most Common Feline Physical Ailments

The Five Most Common Feline Physical AilmentsPhoto © uwimages –

No one can ever declare parenting is an easy, trouble-free job – it’s the toughest profession on Earth that comes without monetary compensation or bonus! With a long list of tasks, duties, and got-to-do’s, parenting is worthy of being mentioned in Guinness World Records.

And even if we are talking about the furry, four-legged, meowing kind of “kids” here, it doesn’t make the job and its corresponding responsibilities that much less difficult. More than a food and home provider, sometimes cat owners need to be “pseudo-doctors” with an observant and assessing eye for common symptoms and signs of diseases or abnormality in their feline companions. And for logical reasons of course. A disease – whether acute, insidious, or emergency-warranting – can strike your cat anytime, often when you least expect it. Unfortunately, no cat is fond of spouting whiny complaints regarding an injury or meowing discomfort with a sickly face. Most often cat would try to hide their illnesses and pretend nothing is serious. After all, cats are solitary creatures who love to be independent. Sometimes, it is hard to tell that they are unwell unless you know what to look for.

Similar to humans, disease in cats is a multi-factorial phenomenon and may be hereditary in nature, acquired through poor lifestyle or contact with pathogens. It’s important to be aware of, plus vigilant to, the “hints” or the ailment’s signs and symptoms. Spotting what’s wrong with your kitten and detecting behavior that would justify a trip to the vet’s office can result in early treatment and intervention – and with that comes of course less stress and faster recovery for your cat.

Typical health concerns a cat may have include skin conditions, parasites, hyperthyroidism, obesity, and feline lower urinary tract diseases. All of these health problems are succinctly but informatively described in this article:

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The Five Most Common Feline Physical Ailments
Graphic – Image © uwimages – (under license)

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