The Three Vaccines Your Cat Does Not Need

The Three Vaccines Your Cat Does Not NeedPhoto © JPC-PROD –

DISCLAIMER: This article is not professional veterinary advice nor should it be seen as a substitute for professional advice or care. Please consult your veterinarian for a professional opinion.

We came across a really interesting article about the kind of vaccines that aren’t really required for felines. The link is after our commentary.

We’ve all heard this line time and time again: “Prevention is better than cure.” It doesn’t just apply to us humans, it also applies to animals. Vaccines are usually given with the intention to prevent deadly diseases. However, there are some vaccines that you don’t really need to give to your pets.

There are a lot of cat diseases that can be prevented with vaccines, but not all of them are recommended. In the article, three particular ones were mentioned: Bordetella, Chlamydophila and Feline Infectious Peritonitis.

Bordetella is a disease that causes respiratory infections among dogs and cats. Unless there is an outbreak of this disease, your cat doesn’t need to be vaccinated.

Chlamydophila is a disease that causes eye infection. It can be treated with antibiotics so that’s why a vaccine is not really necessary, especially if your cat only stays indoors.

FIP or Feline Infections Peritonitis is a disease that usually causes mild diarrhea among kittens. It’s pretty tricky to determine if a vaccine is essential for this because according to a study, vaccinated cats would more likely die from FIP than unvaccinated ones.

Vaccines are essential, but that doesn’t mean that your cats need all of them. It’s still up to the discretion of your veterinarian. Your cat can more easily avoid diseases if you try to keep your cat away from strays. Also, if there are any outbreaks, keep them isolated. It’s also important to clean up after them. Make sure that they are properly groomed and fed.

If you have adopted a stray, have it checked immediately so that the vet can properly give a good health assessment.

Ok – read more information on the types of vaccines that are not recommended by clicking on the link below:

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The Three Vaccines Your Cat Does Not Need
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