The Top 10 Cat Health Problems

The Top 10 Cat Health ProblemsPhoto © Ermolaev Alexandr –

One thing to note about cats is that it is sometimes not easy to tell if they are in the best of health.

We found a great article that outlines 10 of the most common health problems for cats – including some important and serious conditions to be aware of. This is a really great article giving you detailed information on the symptoms to look out for and when to call the vet. It also gives you preventative tips, and simple home treatments where appropriate.

One of the 10 health problems mentioned is dental disease. It is suggested to brush the cat’s teeth using a special toothbrush and toothpaste – however this is easier said than done! Have you ever tried this? I personally would have to be wearing some fairly serious leather gloves before even daring to attempt it as it sounds like a recipe for getting mauled…

There’s one other condition not mentioned here which is that cat sometimes get into fights with other animals and can get hurt that way. One of the troubles with this is that they sometimes hide or disappear for a while if something like this has happened. Be on the lookout for additional signs of malaise, such as your cat being unusually subdued or troubled. One of my friends’ cats disappeared for a few days recently, and reappeared scared, subdued and seeming to be hurt. She made a good recovery. We weren’t sure, but we think she may have been in a fight with a raccoon. They like to try to steal her food and so now my friend feeds the cat indoors.

Ok, here is the full article listing the The Top 10 Cat Health Problems:

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The Top 10 Cat Health Problems
Graphic – Image © Ermolaev Alexandr – (under license)

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