This Cat’s “Alien” Eyes Are Actually Real

This video features Matilda – a cat with unique “alien” eyes. The female tabby suffers from an ocular condition making her look otherworldly.

Matilda was born on Valentine’s Day in 2013 and looked like any other kitten. However after her first birthday, the family who adopted her noticed that one of her pupils would dilate nearly to the size of the entire eye then return to normal. Matilda was then diagnosed with spontaneous lens luxation which means that the lens of her eye was detached. Soon, both of her eyes were affected. Turns out, her siblings also had the condition! But their eyes stayed the same size while Matilda’s grew bigger and bigger. They are still unsure as to why her eyes grow.

Now, Matilda is nearly blind but she can still see light and motion. One of her owners said in an interview that people wouldn’t be able to tell that she’s blind by watching her. She loves to explore and play with her dog brother. She also has a sunny personality and likes to snuggle with humans.

Many people incorrectly believe that Matilda’s condition is painful but according to her vet, this is not the case. The pressure levels in her eyes are normal meaning she experiences no pain. That’s good to know!

This Cat's "Alien" Eyes Are Actually Realimage –

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