This Manx Cat Is The Best At Playing Fetch

Meet Purd, a lively Manx Cat who is very good at playing fetch. Manx cats are popular for being smart and fun-loving, making them wonderful feline companions. In old times they were kept as pets because they were effective in keeping the mice away from grains and other foods. The breed was able to maintain its fine hunting skills and alertness even up to this day. If you own a Manx cat, you probably won’t need a watchdog because you already have a ‘watchcat’. They are always quick to react to strange noises but will eventually relax when they see that their owners aren’t alarmed.

They enjoy serene surroundings and are usually very mellow. They tend to have a big appetite and can become overweight quickly which is why their diet should be strictly controlled and monitored. This is a smart breed which can be taught a lot of tricks – including fetch – and they can walk on a leash if trained early. Manx cats are wonderful additions to any family because they are great with kids as well as other pets. If you are thinking about getting a Manx make sure to get it from a reputable breeder.

This Manx Cat Is The Best At Playing Fetchimage –>

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