This Mother Cat’s Love For Her Kittens Is Adorable

This video features an Abyssinian mother bonding with her babies. They all look very precious! This mother cat is doing it right…

A cat’s maternal instinct begins even before the kittens are born and this instinct will continue to tell her what to do when she takes care of her babies. The entire process can be broken down into four stages:

1. Preparation – As the delivery time is approaching, the mother cat will try to hide in dark and secluded areas. This is her instinct telling her to find a safe place where she can give birth. Some cats can even become aggressive to people and other pets because their instinct says that they should drive away anyone who might threaten their kittens’ safety.

2. Birth – When kittens are born, they are delivered in an amniotic sack which the mother cat will break open. She will start licking her babies to stimulate breathing and blood circulation.

3. Kittens – Her instincts will tell her that the kittens are completely dependent on her and she will rarely leave their side for the first few weeks.

4. Independence – It will also be her maternal instinct that will tell her when it’s time to let go. Within weeks, her babies will start running and climbing. She will now start to wean her kittens from her milk and let her kittens explore their surroundings without her watchful eye.

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