Timo The Cat And His Hammock Experiences

Once there was a cat named Timo who attempted to lounge on a hammock. In the beginning, he would always fail and end up like a dunzo! After several months, Timo had finally figured out. His patience had paid off, with the hammock he now uses for relaxation inside the house or by the pond.

This hilarious and lovely video highlights the struggles of an adult Ragdoll cat as he tries to master the skill of jumping on a hammock where he can rest. This clip will surely make everybody roll on the floor laughing. It is just so cute! Good for Timo he did not give up!!

Ragdoll cats are known for being intelligent and have the patience of a saint. Timo displayed those traits until he perfected the art of jumping onto his new hammock. Positive reinforcement is important for cats as they pick up new tricks. Timo’s owner is definitely a Dr. Phil or an Oprah!

Cats can teach their human companions on how to be more patient with them and with life. Timo’s experiences with his hammock can help you forget something else that is testing your patience. Timo kept on working then reframed his strategies until the act is achieved.

Humans have this tendency to control everything possible. For Timo, practicing better patience can have a reward later. Failure is not part of Timo’s vocabulary even if it took him months to deal with that hammock.

Watching your cats do their day-to-day craziness can make you forget about some situation that can be frustrating. You can reframe your perspective in life with the help of your cats. Life’s challenges are inevitable but if you treat them the way Timo solved his predicament, anything can be reframed.

Observe your cats! There are moments in their life wherein they would indirectly tell you, “Hey mate, cheer up!”

Timo The Cat And His Hammock Experiencesimage – https://www.youtube.com/embed/EU13ByIYkew

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