Tips On Bringing A New Kitten Home

Tips On Bringing A New Kitten HomePhoto © sushaaa –

You are planning to adopt a kitten – but are you really prepared? Cats are wonderful and loving companions at home, but upon their arrival, you cannot just expect them to move into your lap, and mingle with everyone easily. There are some major adjustments which cats have to deal with for a period of time, before she gets accustomed with the environment as well as the other people living in the house.

As feline owners, you have now the utmost responsibility to provide your pet’s emotional, physical, nutritional needs. Before you adopt a kitten, make sure that your home can provide optimum comfort and safety to your pet. By safety means, you should clear hazardous items from the areas which kittens are likely to explore – including scissors, needles, razors, and even toxic houseplants. [1]

Before going to the pet store to pick up your chosen feline, be sure to have obtained some of your kitten’s necessities and luxuries. Some of the things which you might need include litter, litter box, treats, bowls, collars, bed, toys, and training aids. There is a wide availability of cat foods in the grocery but higher quality is worthwhile. See our comment on avoiding dried cat foods. You may also add appropriate herbal remedies, ointments, and emergency kits for pets. [2]

Upon arrival, let the cat stay in a confined area with water, litter, and food around her. After a day or two, allow her to explore the house, and get used to its new surroundings. However, some cats may take weeks, and even months to adjust.

When the cat has become comfortable moving around, you may begin introducing her to other people in the house, even to kids. Allow the children to pick up and play with the cat, but parents should supervise their children when playing with pets, as they may try to pull the tail and ears which cats really don’t like. Educate children to refrain from hurting, teasing, and chasing the cat, especially during its early days at home. [3] Eventually, you may introduce her to other pets at home such as dogs and other cats.

If this seems like a lot to remember, don’t worry, adopting a kitten at home is not terribly difficult. Get more tips on bringing a new kitten home at this website


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Tips On Bringing A New Kitten Home
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