My Tonkinese Cat Sounds Like An Alien

In this video, you will see a Tonkinese cat having a “little conversation” with his owner. The Tonkinese seems like he wants something and his owner keeps on asking “What do you want buddy?”. As the conversation goes on, the cat’s meow sounds like as if he was under the spell of an alien from space.

Tonkinese cats’ meows can sometimes sound like a baby dinosaur or a baby crying. Their purring is so different from other breeds. There are times when they meow like Gollum from The Lord of the Rings! Isn’t that cute?

Tonks are affectionate cats (most cat breeds are!) and have the reputation of being social felines. Their wonderful personality and kitten-line traits tend to remain throughout their life. They love children, other breeds of cats, and dogs.

Purring is an indication that your cat is in a friendly, social mood. Cats can produce different sounds including meows, purrs, growls and hisses. These types of sounds are used by cats to communicate with their human companions. In the video, the Tonk was like “can’t we talk in private?” mode.

You and your cat might speak different languages, but his meows can bridge the language gap. To determine what your cat feels, observe their eyes, the tone of their voice, and the motion of their tail.

Your cats’ chirps and meows can tell you whether they are feeling affectionate or if they are in pain. A purr indicates that a cat is happy. Growling and hissing mean that your cat is having a bad day. It is advisable to leave them alone when they are in that mood.
Cats are like humans too. Mood swings are unavoidable due to certain “catly” circumstances. As their human companion, you have to be vigilant to know whether your cat is content, irritated, nervous or anxious, defensive, frightened, and angry or aggressive.

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