Too Cute! Being Tiny Is Tough!

This is the story of Tiny Dancer, an eighteen-day old Abyssinian who is just starting to learn how tough it is to be little. She is the smallest among her siblings and while her litter-mates wrestle and play rough, Tiny Dancer just watches from the sidelines. It seems like she’s missing out on all of the fun. But eventually, Tiny Dancer finds an activity which is better suited to her delicate ways and that is fitting herself inside a small glass. I’m sure Tiny will soon grow up to be a strong and magnificent feline!

Abysinnians are known to very active cats. They love to jump and play all the time. They are loyal and loving, but these cats won’t likely sit on laps much because they’re too busy swinging from the curtains or jumping up onto high surfaces.

The color of Abyssinians is very special. It is often said that it seems they just walked straight out of the wild because of their ticked coat pattern which resembles wild cats. Their fur has bands of color on each individual hair, with the coat looking darker near their spine. It gives them a warm and somewhat glowing appearance.

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