Top 11 Tips For A Safe And Stylish Kitty Home

Top 11 Tips For A Safe And Stylish Kitty HomePhoto © Oksana Kuzmina –

If you’re a first time owner of a cute kitty, you have to make sure that your home is safe for them and make sure that the home is safe from them! There are actually quite a lot of details to go over, and we found an amazing tutorial by I Have Cat. The link is after our commentary.

If you live in a high rise apartment, safety is always a main concern. If you have a pet that is inherently curious, have all of your windows screened so that your cat won’t get anywhere.

If you have a lot of expensive breakables lying around the house, it’s best to put them away or keep them in cat-safe shelves. We all know that these kitties are curious creatures. If they find something interesting, they will do what it takes – even jump through windows – just to satisfy their curiosity.

For those of you who love plants, make sure that they are cat-friendly. Some flowers are dangerous for them because they contain toxic substances that can be fatal. Apricots, American Holly, Apple Trees, Asian Lilies, Baby’s Breath and Azaleas are just some examples of plants that are not cat-friendly.

Try having cat towers and scratching posts. These animals love vertical spaces (don’t be surprised why they always get stuck in trees!) so that’s why a cat-tower is essential. If you think that they don’t look pleasing to the eyes, you can also use cat shelves, like the ones shown in the article.

Create a cleaning schedule so that your house is always in tip top shape. List down the tasks that you have to do daily, the ones that you have to do weekly and the ones that you have to do monthly. If you’re able to establish a routine, your house will be as clean as ever! Your pet will love it too!

Before taking your cat home, make sure that you’ve already made your home a haven for him. One last thing – keep their litter box in a quiet area so that they’ll be able to do their thing in peace.

Okay, so here is the link that will help you look at ways to keep your kitty happy and healthy in your lovely home!

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Top 11 Tips For A Safe And Stylish Kitty Home
Graphic – Image © Oksana Kuzmina – (under license)

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