Top 12 Friendliest Cat Breeds

Top 12 Friendliest Cat BreedsPhoto – Wikimedia – lic. under CC BY-SA 2.0

Felines can make wonderful companions at home but not all breeds of cats are very friendly. Each breed of cat has its own distinct personality so if you have plans on bringing a cat home, make sure that you have done your homework. Check out our list of the friendliest cat breeds and click the cat name links to see our full guide to each breed.

Egyptian Mau: Best distinguished by its exotic appearance, the Egyptian Mau is a breed of feline that is known for its friendliness. More than just for their exotic good looks, many pet owners are drawn to this breed because of its incredible and enchanting personality. They are known to be very friendly to everyone at home, from children to other pets, but note that they can be really reserved and cautious towards strangers. [1]

Cornish Rex: This special breed of domestic cat is known to be playful. Throughout their lives, the Cornish Rex remains kittenish and often seek the attention of people. They are also adventurous, intelligent, curious, and of course, friendly towards animals, and even to timid children. [2]

Tonkinese: Given their gregarious personalities, you can expect majority of Tonkinese cats to be very friendly. They are known to crave and return attention, companionship. [3]

Serengeti: This breed of cat can also make ideal companions at home. Though they have friendly temperament, Serengeti cats are often shy when exposed to a new environment but when they have warmed up, they resume to being vocal, and active. They go along well with other pets. [4]

Japanese Bobtail: This energetic, playful, loving and happy breed of cat interacts well with other people. Japanese Bobtail cats are known to be people-oriented and love to be the center of attention of everyone. They love to accompany people on whatever they do, such as watching TV, or reading books and newspapers. [5]

Scottish Fold: Distinguished by their folded ears, Scottish Fold cats are quite affectionate in nature. They are loyal, intelligent, soft-spoken, and playful. They adapt well with people at home, even with children. [6]

Pixie-Bob: This highly intelligent feline breed is also known to be intelligent, active, bold and social. Pixie-Bob cats can be very friendly to both strangers and their owners. [7]

American Curl: This breed is very people-oriented. American Curl cats easily adjust and adapt to new environments, situations and people. They socialize well with children and other pets at home. [8]

American Shorthair: This breed also makes wonderful choice for pets at home. American Shorthair cats are known to be gentle and very friendly to children. They love to spend time with the family. [9]

Colourpoint Shorthair: If you love to have vocal cats, then you can never go wrong with colourpoint shorthairs. This feline breed comes with an amazing personality which makes it a wonderful companion at home. The breed is also known to be active and playful which seeks attention most of the time. It can live well in families with children and pets. [10]

Munchkins: Munchkin cats are known for their relatively short legs compared to other feline breeds. In addition to being people-oriented, this breed is also intelligent, outgoing, playful and sweet in nature. [11]

Ragamuffin: More than its rabbit-like fur, the Ragamuffin is a breed of felines that simply love the company of people. They can be very lovable, cuddly, attentive and affectionate to humans. Some cat fanciers claim that the temperament of both Ragdolls and Ragamuffins are similar. Ragdolls are also considered to be among the world’s friendliest cats. [12]

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Top 12 Friendliest Cat Breeds
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