Top 5 Cat Breeds For Apartment Dwellers

Top 5 Cat Breeds For Apartment DwellersImage © dagmarhijmans –

If you intend to adopt a cat, then you should be aware that feline breeds vary in personality and temperament. Understanding the behaviors and personalities of each breed will definitely of great help in determining the best breed of cat to raise in your apartment.

Through time, cats have found their ways into apartments in urban areas. In fact, many owners find cats as among the best companions for urban dwellers. However, you should understand that not all of them are suitable for apartments. People have a common notion that cats are just wonderful pets at home, regardless of their breeds.

Surely, you would never want to raise cats that would only scratch everything in your apartment. They may be cute and adorable, but bear in mind that they have claws which can be instrumental in creating a havoc in your linens, furniture, and clothes. That’s why choice of breed is important in raising one. The Persian, British Shorthair, Russian Blue, Javanese and Ragdoll are listed as the breeds of cats which will do well in apartments.

When planning to adopt a cat, most owners choose one based on their personalities and temperaments. In many cases, they fail to understand that the quality of relationship between the owners and their pets does not solely depend on the behaviors of cats.

The choice of cat must also be determined by the individual needs of owners. For working singles, breeds like Russian Blue and Persian are highly suggested because they don’t require a lot playtime. [1] These breeds do well on their own, so owners need not to spend a lot of time with them all the time.

Some also breeds require ample amount of exercise daily which make them less suitable for apartments due to limited space.

On the other hand, if you fancy sweet-natured felines, then you can have ragdolls which are known for their beauty, gentleness, and playfulness. In fact, ragdolls have become increasingly popular indoor cats. [2]

Also, some breeds would need a lot of grooming and health check-ups regularly. If future owners cannot spare time to address these needs, then they should think twice about owning a cat.

Excited about having a cute, adorable and playful feline in your apartment? Learn more about the breeds and personalities of cats perfect for apartment dwellers.

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Top 5 Cat Breeds for Apartment Dwellers
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