Top 8 Cat Breeds For Children

Top 8 Cat Breeds For ChildrenPhoto – Wikipedia – lic. under CC 2.0

While there are cats that are not suited to families with children, there are still breeds of felines that go along well with families, even with children. Here is the list of the best breeds of cats to care for at home, and their characteristics:

Best known for its innate nature to be child-friendly, Abyssinian cats are also noted for their intelligence, playfulness, and its ability to mingle harmoniously with other pets at home. [1]

American Shorthair
Like Abyssinian, American Shorthair felines are known to be active, intelligent, child-friendly, and of course, playful. They are also noted for their need of attention and affection. [2]

Medium-long hair Birman cats are famous for its set of deep blue eyes and silky-textured fur. Like other common breeds of felines nurtured at home, birman cats are also playful, active, affectionate, and intelligent. [3]

Well-noted for their remarkable intelligence, Burmese felines are probably one of the most popular choices for pets at home. They are known to be human-friendly, even with kids. In addition to their yellow or gold-colored eyes, Burmese cats are also noted for their sweeter and softer meows. Furthermore, they are good with other dogs and children, and are capable of learning tag and fetch. They also tend to be comfortable in travelling in cars. [4]

Maine Coon
Heavily furred Maine Coon felines have fascinated breeders for their frequent chirping, chattering, yowling, and talking back abilities. Though noted for their loyalty to family members, main coons are found to be not clingy, and independent. [5]

Widely recognized to be short-tailed or even tailless, Manx are special felines that can get along well with your kids at home. They also get along with other breeds of cats. Also, they can be very active, affectionate, and playful. [6]

Considered as the most popular cats in the US, long-haired Persian cats are marked for their intense affection and closeness to their owners, predictability, as well as friendliness to strangers. [7]

Known to be a blue-eyed breed of felines, Ragdoll cats are best recognized for their very affectionate nature, and docile temperament. When picked up, they tend to relax easily in your arms. [8]

More likely than not, you choose cats based on their physical attributes when going to pet shops. It would be best to bring your kids with you upon selection. In addition to their physical appearance, you can also exert a few gestures which could be of interest and value when choosing.

•First, take a look at your choice of feline. Move closer. If kitty approaches or shows affection to your kids, then it could be a sign that they might be a better choice than any other. 🙂
•When handled, make sure that the cat doesn’t scratch or nip, even if it is handled firmly.
•Try to expose the cat to some sudden noises. If the cat cringes or runs for cover, then she might not be the best choice of pet for a household with children.
•If the cat refuses to approach you and instead they tend to hide in the corner, drop them from your list.

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Top 8 Cat Breeds for Children
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