Top 9 Cat Breeds That Crave Affection

Top 9 Cat Breeds That Crave AffectionPhoto – Liz West – Wikipedia – lic. under CC 2.0

Not all cats will come welcome your affection with equal warmth – some breeds are more affectionate than others. So on this page we have a shortlist of nine cats known for their reputation of being human-friendly and affection-seekers. 🙂

Cornish Rex
The Cornish Rex is almost hairless breed of cats which are known to be playful and family friendly throughout their lives. At home, they tend to explore, and go around the refrigerator, washing machine, and other furniture. Often curious, Cornish rex often seeks out the attention and company of people. [1]

Egyptian Mau
Often short-haired, the Egyptian Mau is a breed of felines that are known for their chirping and chortling sounds. When stimulated, they tend to create distinct vocalizations. Also, the facial expressions of Maus change according to their moods, as well as the color of their eyes. [2]

Devon Rex
Emerging from England, the Devon Rex is a short-hair breed of felines that are highly noted for its intelligence, in such a way that they are capable of learning even difficult tricks. In addition to their wavy coat, large ears, and slender bodies, Devon Rex felines are noted for their ability to recognize their owners’ as well as their own names. [3]

Maine Coon
A native of Maine, USA, this breed of cat is distinguished for its long and flowing coat, as well as its large bone structure. Coming in variety of colors, Maine Coon cats are noted for their gentle personality, as well their innate intelligence. [4]

With its gregarious behavior, the Tonkinese is definitely one of the best choices of cats to nurture at home. In addition to being lively and friendly, Tonkinese are talkative felines. Like other cats, Tonkinese crave and are capable of returning companionship and affection. [5]

Highly characterized by its shortened muzzle, Persian cats are special breeds of felines that feature unpretentious and placid nature to humans. For a long time now, Persians have been the most popular choice of cats in the US to nurture at home. [6]

This blue-eyed breed of cat has become a popular choice of pet at home to many people today. When picked up, they tend to relax in the arms. In addition to being affectionate, Ragdoll cats are also known for their placid and very docile temperament. [7]

Distinguished for its blue and almond-shaped set of eyes, Siamese cats are not just popular in North America, but in Europe as well. Known to be intelligent and social, Siamese felines often love to play fetch. Possessing a vocal nature, they tend to seek for social interaction. [8]

Its lack of fur, which makes it warm to touch, is probably one of the distinct characteristics of this feline breed. A curious and intelligent cat, the Sphynx is known to show a warm display of affection to its owners, as well high level of energy. [9]

Need more info to choose? Learn more about these affectionate breeds of cats here.


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Top 9 Cat Breeds That Crave Affection
Graphic – Image – Wikipedia – lic. under CC 2.0

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