Toygers On The Prowl – Too Cute

These Toyger kittens are three-weeks old and are ready to explore their owner’s home. There is Tanya who is practicing her ferocious roar and is acting like she is the leader of the litter. There is also Sparky, Tanya’s little brother who is keeping a safe distance from Tanya. This video is about a group of adorable kittens braving their surroundings, with some more courageous than the others.

Kittens have this tendency to move in group during their early age. The video shows Tanya and her gang while having fun in the house. Besides playing, they share the same fascination with food. In the video, the kittens are given raw meat which provides protein for their growing muscle.

Cats are naturally carnivores, with their tummy designed to process meat. Though red meat is far better than bag food, the latter can be considered for instant convenience. You are not supposed to mix raw food and kibble in their diet unless your kittens are transitioning. You don’t want a tummy ache for your cuddly kitty right?

Water supply is important for cats. Some kittens are not ready for solids foods yet. You must provide water to your kittens that are separated from their food. Wetting a dry food is not advisable since it will look less palatable to the cat. Supplemental water is needed by cats to keep hydrated.

One kitten in the video refuses to eat her food. What should you do when your kitten suddenly turned up his nose at his food? Kittens should not be let hungry for more than two days. To rouse her appetite, provide something that is smellier or give them a hot meal. Kitten food that offers strong aroma includes those that are fish-flavored. The smellier food usually makes it more appealing to cats to get them eating.

If the situation is not resolved after 48 hours, better see a veterinarian to know your cat’s health condition.

Toygers On The Prowl - Too Cute
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