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DreamWorks’ Shrek film series came with not only giggles and good-time laughter in store for a legion of green ogre fans but also a riveting punch of cuteness and gusto from a smooth-talking cat with a Spanish accent. Remember who he is? He dons a black cape, a musketeer cavalier hat with a feather atop, and a pair of small boots for which he derives his name. Despite his size – which is very normal for a cat – he makes a clever and talented swordsman with a rogue-like charm and a flirtatious tongue to boot. “I don’t know you but I’d like to.” Yes, that’s one of his pickup lines and he says it in style…. He’s Puss in Boots, ladies!

But Puss, voiced by the actor Antonio Banderas, isn’t your conventional fighter. He pushes the art of swordsmanship into the next level, incorporating a defensive technique only he can pull off: The “cuteness” attack! Yup, you read that right – cuteness is a weapon. With a wide-eyed, guiltless and pleading expression to strike the softest of hearts, Puss is an expert of the cute façade. No soldier or castle knight can point his sword on a seemingly pitiful and innocent-looking feline…. Puss delights in this and just dances around his enemies who can never keep up with him. Well, that’s to the demise of Puss’ opponents.

Now what if a real-life “Puss in Boots” does exist? The video below by msoltan is a promising proof. This cute kitten may be short on Puss’ signature getup (i.e., hat, sword, and boots) and definitely does not talk (that certainly would be freaky if he could!), but c’mon, look at those adorable eyes! That flash of enormous cute eyes is something that can melt your heart. But it is that crazy cavalier posture that wins the day. He stands like a hero in the rough! But similarly to Puss in Boots, he too gets distracted by a moving toy or anything in motion.

This is one of the most popular Youtube cat videos of all time:

Enjoy! 🙂

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