Bengal Cat Talking To Her Kitten

This video features a Bengal mother cat who seems to be talking to her babies… and her kittens also seem to be listening to her intently. They all look very precious!

Bengals are popular because of their magnificent coat and their outgoing personality. They are smart, cunning and nothing escapes their notice. Here are more facts about the breed:

1. Unlike most cats, Bengals love water. They like jumping into tubs and can drink directly from the tap if allowed. They are even notorious in following their owners into the shower!

2. They are excellent jumpers and climbers; they can reach up to three times their height and can easily find a way to any shelf or ledge in your house.

3. They are fast learners. Bengals are so intelligent and always eager please their owners. As a result, they are among the easiest to train to do tricks.

4. Most cats don’t like to be leashed but Bengals don’t mind. They love strolling around the neighborhood with their owners.

5. Bengals are among the most vocal breeds and they can be loud when they want something. They are sure to let their owners know when it’s time to eat or play.

6. Their coat possess a sparkly, iridescent sheen and when the lighting is right, Bengals will appear to be glittering.

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