VIDEO: Cat And Owl Are Best Friends!

VIDEO: Cat And Owl Are Best Friends!Photo ©

I found this amazing video by megaxibeca of a cat and an owl playing with each other!

Generally cats and birds are natural enemies, with one being the predator, and the other a prey. We’ve always seen this interaction in cartoons. A good example would be Sylvester and Tweety Bird. It can be hard to imagine these two working in harmony, that’s why a video like this seemed so interestingly unusual.

I can’t help but think of that Lion King scene everytime I see the cat trying to pounce on the owl. It made me think of the animals’ natural instincts and how these attributes made this relationship kinda work between them.

I remember one scene where Mufasa taught Simba how to hunt for prey without it noticing. They used Zagu to play the “victim”. It was a pretty interesting scene because it showed us how these animals use this strategy to be able to hunt for their food.

Owls are marvelous hunters. Their strategy depends on stealth, silence, patience and surprise. Cats are also the same. They are very observant and they also rely on stealth to hunt for their prey. Looking at the video, these two animals are doing what they are naturally inclined to do, which is to hunt. I found it funny that these two look like they’re hunting each other.

There are a number of households that have different kinds of animals that live together. However, allowing their interaction cannot be taken lightly because they are animals after all. If you have birds at home and if you let a cat wander alone without supervision, there is a possibility that he may attack the bird, with disastrous results! However, there are some instances where these animals will get along well – typically if they have been raised together. In other scenarios, you would do better to allow the bird to fly around while keeping the cat in another room.

Okay, so here’s the video:

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