Cat Burrows In Snow

Meet Elaine the cat, and watch her enjoy her playtime in the snow. She just buried herself underneath all that snow! But she appears to enjoy every moment of it.

Cats are known to be independent and generally low-maintenance but that doesn’t mean they don’t need extra care during cold weather. It’s generally advised to keep them indoors during winter but it is common for them to slip out the door and find themselves confused by the unfamiliar white environment. Many cats get lost during this time of the year which is why microchipping them is advised.

If you allow your cat outdoors, remember that they are highly susceptible to frostbite – especially on the ear tips, so it is important to check them every once in a while. Their paw pads also have a high risk of being irritated due to the salt and other chemicals that get put on snow. Once they come back from their walk, wipe their paws immediately by dipping them into a basin filled with warm water, cleansing each paw gently and thoroughly. After washing, wipe the paws dry with a clean towel. Lastly, make sure that their napping area has extra blankets for a comfortable, warm sleep.

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