VIDEO: Cat Mom Hugs Baby Kitten

VIDEO - Cat mom hugs baby kitten - WP
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A kitten and its mother hold a special loving relationship, with the queen (i.e., the mother) dutifully fulfilling the responsibilities and kitten care all by herself and without any assistance from a male partner. She knows too well that during her babies’ first few weeks outside of her womb, chief concerns such as feeding, shelter, and warmth should be met. A mother’s got-to-do list is so long that it may appear very overwhelming, especially for the first timers. Since newborn kittens are virtually blind, their mommy instinctively nuzzles and guides these little ones toward her nipples. These ladies need to keep that nutritious, protein-packed milk flowing: Newborn kittens nurse about every one or two hours, as they require tons of energy for their growth.

Once all basic needs have been afforded, a mother cat goes into pounding practical lessons about survival, social skills, and general points about life. And a mother’s list just doesn’t end there…. It is indeed a tough, Guinness-worthy job, but cats have a knack for greatness and a talent for making it through seemingly difficult situations. This serves true even if she still manifests a great deal of postpartum problems after birth. To her mind, her litter’s proper development ranks first among her priorities.

Here’s a video by dragomirnet86 that certainly encapsulates the very description of mother’s love to her prized kitten. In this vid, both mommy and her kitten are sleeping cozily. The queen needs to keep her babies warm and free from chills, but it appears that the kitten is having a nightmare, so mommy goes into the rescue by hugging him endearingly. How cute!

Enjoy! 🙂

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