VIDEO: Cats Playing Patty-cake & Chatting

VIDEO - Cats Playing Patty-Cake & Chatting - WP
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Have you ever imagined what might your kitties be talking about when they pow-wow in some corner of your living room? Catnip? Escape plans? How to get one-up on the dog? A can of tuna perhaps? Here’s a fun video by JustinCElliott that may give us a close-to-reality hint of what they are communicating…

On a desktop, two mouse-loving fur balls decided to hold a friendly conversation (or so it seems), standing up and exposing their furry bellies, face to face like two men in fur coats who are chitchatting on the streets. Then, their talk couldn’t just stay friendly and mushy, so this pair of cats pumped up their activity into something wittier and more mature: playing patty-cake! “No one can do patty-cake better than us, bro,” so they say. These guys poured their brains and skills out into the game, clapping with their paws and singing at the tune of the widely known English nursery rhyme, patty-cake.

When the video got dubbed, it became hilarious. The two cats appear to be indecisive whether they’ll concentrate on their argument or continue playing patty-cake. What’s cuter is that when they stop, they quickly realize stopping was a boring idea. Everyone who had viewed this video LOLed at the humorous sight of an actual “cat fight” among cat dudes. Not even Cheryl Cole, the English recording artist and television personality, can resist the urge to smile and laugh at this video; she even tweeted this.

Cats by nature are solitary creatures but they can live in groups or with another cat in one household. They are in fact friendly towards other cats brought home by their family; following the social codes of their species, the “pack rules”.

However, cats may fight to defend a territory, though this is rare. Oftentimes, cats avoid a confrontation at all costs. When cats walk onto each other’s path, they will usually wait for each other or will turn around.

Okay, here is the video:

Enjoy! 🙂

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