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Of all the words that would actually go together in this world, most would agree that “cats” could never be associated with the term “water”. Or so most people would assume… This is in fact a rather common case of misconception, as some cats (a minority, admittedly) love the feeling of getting their fur a little bit wet – and some (as you are about to see) like taking a bath!

Cats may have created among themselves a stereotype for being “lap loungers” or incredibly curious pets, always considering being soaked as preposterous or taking a bath as absolutely out of the question. Cats delight in self-grooming but generally aren’t the type that get exhilarated by the thought of a cool bath. In countries with cold climates, getting drenched or wet for a long time is a no-no for cats. This “No to swimming” rule among cats living in a cold neighborhood comes with logical reasoning: when totally wet, cats may lose a lot of body heat.

But as they say, there will always be a weird one in a bunch of bananas! Cats of hot, dry regions at times cope up with the heat by swimming in cool, refreshing waters. Some felines even most likely dream of being a “mercat” just to catch their favorite fish!

Take the Asian fishing cat for instance. It is a medium-sized wild cat that inhabits the wetlands of South and Southeast Asia and is an adept swimmer (it can even swim underwater!). Other more conservative cats only prefer pawing water from bowls or catching drops of water from a kitchen faucet.

What’s even more surprising (and to be honest somewhat bizarre) is that some cats may actually go in the shower or bath with their owners. But we need not (thankfully) go quite that far to illustrate a water-loving example. Check out the video below by jokixxx007 of a black cat enjoying a dip in a water-filled bathtub. Several cats are uneasy about getting near or in water, but certainly this cat doesn’t want to belong to that group. Not after all the fun and splash he is having…

Ok, here is the video:

Enjoy! 🙂

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