Video: DIY Cat Tree / Tower / Climber!

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Creating your own cat tree can benefit both you and your cat – and we found a great tutorial by shorecat99 that will teach you how to do it.

Cats are naturally curious, yet are instinctively cautious – and so they feel secure when they are able to survey their surroundings from an elevated place. That’s probably why you find them perched on your cupboards or refrigerators. However unless you are prepared to stick everything down with earthquake glue (unrealistic in the kitchen!), this may be a recipe for a disaster to happen, so that’s why a cat tree is quintessential to helping them channel out their basic instincts without having to wreck everything in your house.

A good cat tree not only provides elevation for your cat, it will also serve as a scratching post. You don’t want them to start scratching on your precious furniture.

Aside from trees and scratching posts, your pets should also have toys to play with. It will keep them occupied and it will also give them a way to exercise their natural instincts. Not all toys are safe for cats, so you have to take extra care if you want to buy something that’s right for him. If you have a cat that is older, build a cat tree that makes it easier for him to plop down on. Remember that they aren’t as agile as they used to be (I can relate!) so they won’t be able to jump to high places.

Choosing the right cat toy has some similarities to choosing one for a human baby: You have to make sure that it won’t be too small to be swallowed or too easy to break. Toys should not contain parts that might be swallowed. For example, if you are using a toy mouse, remove the whiskers. Check each toy and look for any signs of extreme wear and tear. If they are worn out already, throw them away.

Cats may spend a fair amount of time sleeping, but they also have their own time for play. Provide your pet with all of his basic needs and you will have much less trouble. Oh, and of course don’t forget to give them lots of love and affection!

Okay, here is the video for how to make your own “Cat tree / tower / climber”:

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VIDEO - DIY Cat Tree Tower Climber
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