Magnificent Cat Condo

This video showcases a magnificent cat condo which has two scratch posts and steps leading to a dollhouse section. It has two main levels and a small third level having a small, hollow belfry where small to medium cats can hang out. The cats in the video appear to be enjoying their time in the cat condo very much!

By nature, felines are two things; climbers and scratchers – that’s why cat furniture is important to every cat owner. That way, they can do all the climbing and scratching they want without destroying any “real” furniture.

1. Choose the right size – If you have more than one cat, the tree should be able to accommodate all of them. Also the platform should be a good size for a cat. A large cat won’t be comfortable sitting on a perch too small for it.

2. Know the maximum load of the cat tree – Cats like to run and leap on the furniture so the tree needs to be very sturdy and can handle the weight of several cats playing on it.

3. Know how the cat tree was fastened together – You just can’t risk the tree toppling over all of the sudden, so it is important to examine the materials and sturdiness of the construction.

Video - DollHouse Cat Condoimage –

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