VIDEO: Fat Cat In Pot (Funny)

VIDEO: Fat Cat In Pot (Funny)Photo ©

What on earth is this crazy cat up to?”, you might well ask yourself. She might be in a bit of a pickle…

To be honest, I don’t know. I don’t even think the cat knows. But that just makes it all the more fun! 🙂

I think that there’s an element of curiosity going on here, combined with that typical feline behavior of wanting to be secure inside something. (You know how they always love to be in a cardboard box, especially if they don’t quite fit!) But whatever, it doesn’t seem as though this “cat-scapade” has been very well planned – and it seems as though getting out might be a problem. Will she get jammed and need rescuing? How big a space can cats squeeze through?

Cats are one of the many animals that will get themselves into something before contemplating whether or not they will be able to get out. Come to think of it, humans do that too, don’t they? Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why this video by 133breezy makes us howl with laughter – because we know that there is a part of us that isn’t all that different.

One of the comments on the video gave what seems to me to be a likely explanation: The cat had been hiding and playing in the pot since a young kitty – however, as she got older, she was still attached to her old haunt, despite it being progressively more difficult to squeeze in and out. Perhaps one day she really will get stuck…

Watch what happens as the cat “swan-dives” head-first into this big earthenware post. And in case anyone’s wondering – it’s ok, it doesn’t end badly.

Okay, here is the video:

Enjoy! 🙂

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