VIDEO (Hilarious): Hypnotized Kittens!

VIDEO (Hilarious): Hypnotized Kittens! Photo ©

What happens when you present something stimulating or enticing to eight little inquisitive kittens? They become hypnotized! Or so the viral cat video below from ezratwena with more than three million views suggests.

There is no altered state of consciousness involved here though, folks! Just a bunch of kittens in the mood to pursue… … come to think of it, this video actually makes you wonder what is being waved at these kittens to arouse that much of their curiosity. Catnip? A plate of tuna? A toy mouse? A string? Well, we can only guess, but it must be something really worth their attention. A few things are certain though: these kittens sure do have a common interest, and they are undeniably entertained. Look at how intently focused these felines are, moving their heads slickly and almost in unison without even blinking. This adorable video illustrates just one of the myriad reasons why we love cats as our household companions.

Cats are highly adapted to hunting their prey even in low-light conditions or at night. With an acute sense of sight, hearing, and smell, cats are masters of their hunting craft and are champions of fixing their eyesight on things for a considerable length of time, especially on moving ones. Did you know that they don’t even need to blink their eyes regularly just to keep them well lubricated with tears, as humans do. This feat enhances a cat’s ability to hunt and stalk prey.

Cats are fond of staring to indicate their strong interest. While it may be rude or “stalker-ish” in human terms to stare, a cat’s stare toward his fellow feline may denote a friendly regard. Cats even stare at their owners because they find us interesting and adore noticing the subtle movements of our face, such as a smile.

Okay, here is the video:


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