Video: How To Brush Your Cat’s Teeth

This video features Dr. Greg McDonald as he offers some helpful tips on how to brush your cat’s teeth at home. Dental health in pets is important but unfortunately, it not well recognized and practiced. Poor feline dental hygiene can cause a number of oral problems and may even contribute to diseases in other organs. According to the video, the most important thing an owner can do is to train your cat (and dogs as well) to be comfortable throughout the brushing process.

Here are more tips in keeping your cat’s teeth healthy:

1. Yearly checkup – Unfortunately, most pet owners forget this step entirely. If your cat has dental issues that are left unchecked, this could lead to serious health problems later on.

2. Brush their teeth regularly – Most cats don’t enjoy having their teeth brushed but once they get used to it, they may in fact find it rather enjoyable. Consult your veterinarian for the right toothpaste and brush suited for your feline friend.

3. Give their gums some love – Tooth decay often starts with inflamed or irritated gums so massage them when you can. This will strengthen your cat’s gums and will prevent many gum problems from occurring later on.

4. Give them something to chew on – By nature, cats are predators so their diet originally contains bones. It has been found out that bones knock off tartar and helps in keeping their gums healthy.

5. Proper diet – A cat’s diet is important in maintaining its dental health. Make sure to feed your kitty a combination of dry and wet foods. Also give him some deboned raw meat to stimulate him to chew.

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Tutorial - How To Brush Your Cat's Teeth
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