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Cleaning your cat’s ears is actually one of the most important aspects of your feline grooming protocol. Like dogs, regular cleaning of ears may result to healthier and disease-free ears as you become more aware of the indications of illnesses associated with the organ.

When cleaning the cat’s ears, the organ must be examined closely and thoroughly. Normally, healthy ears do not have discharges, foul odor, lumps, and bumps. Furthermore, there should be no swelling or redness. Other signs which may indicate that your cat has problems with its ears include excessive scratching, swelling, pain, and excessive rubbing at the organ. When these signs are present it could be that your pet is suffering from an auditory disease. Whenever these signs occur, it is important that your cat’s condition be brought to the attention of a professional veterinarian.

Early detection of these symptoms is definitely of huge help in keeping your felines healthy and safe. By spotting these signs early, diseases are detected at its early stage before it became severe. This can also save your pet from the discomforts and difficulties in undergoing medical treatments later on. [1] Early administration of treatment usually leads to better prognosis of the disease, and provides relief to any discomfort which your pet might have been suffering from. Also, it helps in reducing one’s potentials for hearing loss, and other chronic diseases. [2]

Another condition to check carefully for is ticks.

Today, there is a wide range of cleaning products available for your cat’s ears. However, researchers suggest that hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and alcohol should not be used all the time, as they can be painful and irritating to the ears, especially through continued use. Better to ask your vet about the best brand of ear cleaners for your cat to keep your pet safe.

Prior to learning easy yet effective tips on cleaning your cat’s ears, it is essential that you understand the organ’s anatomy. The ears of your cat have three basic parts. Also known as ear flap or pinna, the outer ear is the most visible part of the ear.

The second part which is the two-inch tube organ leading you to the eardrum is known as the ear canal. The eardrum plays a vital role in the hearing ability of the cat. Whenever it picks up a sound, the eardrum tends to vibrate. Meanwhile, the inner ear is responsible in maintaining the equilibrium. [3]

Now that you understand the background basics on cleaning your cat’s ears, perhaps you’re now ready to learn more about how to do cleaning successfully. Take a look at this video by Maurice Melzak and be amazed as to how easily it is done.


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Video - How To Clean Your Cat's Ears
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