How To Clicker Train Your Cat

This video teaches you how you can train your cat at home using the clicker method. Clicker training is regarded by many as the most effective way in training cats. The scientific term for the method is operant conditioning – meaning you take advantage of your cat’s tendency to repeat an action because it has a positive consequence.

A clicker is a metal or plastic device which makes a clicking sound when pressed. The clicking sound is completely different from the sounds within a cat’s environment making it a distinct form of communication. The timing of the click is crucial; it should sound when the cat is performing the desired behavior not after it. Here are more tips to get you started:

1. Start with an easy command like sit, come or touch your hand with its paw.

2. Click once per behavior. Multiple clicks will just confuse your cat. If you want to express enthusiasm, add more treats, not more clicks.

3. Practice sessions should be short. You can get dramatic results in 5-minute training sessions.

4. If you feel like you are losing patience, put the clicker away and try again later. Don’t mix training with scolding because you will lose your cat’s confidence with the clicker and even in you.

5. If you are not making progress, you are probably clicking too early or too late. Timing is everything.

6. Have fun! Clicker training is a great way to bond with your pet.

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