VIDEO: How To Introduce Cats To Each Other

VIDEO: How To Introduce Cats To Each OtherPhoto ©

Introducing a new animal into the family can be a daunting task. It can cause a lot of stress for both the owner and the pet. Our friends at CatChatTV made a very informative video tutorial on how to make your new cat a part of the family!

We’ve heard of a lot of stories about animals being abandoned in the streets. They have no place to go home to and are at risk of dying from starvation, diseases and accidents. The Humane Society and other similar agencies give shelter to these lost animals. They make sure that they are taken cared of very well. Many people go to these places to adopt an animal that is perfect for them. This is a really commendable thing to do, and very convenient for the owner because most animals are already in their adult stage so they don’t need to be trained as much as kittens do. It’s important that the right animal goes to the right family so that it will instantly find a happy home and be spared of the heartbreak if it doesn’t work out.

The adoption process varies with every agency. Generally, every animal that goes through these agencies have already undergone medical exams and behavioral assessments. Make sure that the animal is up to date on its medical record so that it will present a minimized risk of transferring any diseases to your other pets at home.

Once you’re ready to take your new pet home, don’t try to rush things. Other cats are very territorial, so you have to make them feel that they are not threatened with this new addition to the family. Doesn’t this just remind you of an older sibling being introduced to his/her newborn younger brother/sister? Make sure that the other cat isn’t neglected. Show each animal equal love and affection.

The process of introducing cats to each other can vary. Some can take up to a week and some would take even longer. It takes a while but it will all be worth it.

As long as you provide love and care to all of your pets, you will surely find peace and happiness in your household. 🙂

Okay, here is the video!

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Video - How To Introduce Cats To Each Other
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