VIDEO: Iggy Investigates An iPad!

VIDEO: Iggy Investigates An iPad!Photo –

We found a super-fun and adorable video of a cat playing with an iPad and had to share. It’s hilarious and amazing at the same time!

The iPad: Since Apple had released these tablet computers, being productive and creative with the use of our bare fingers has never been this easy – or this entertaining. Videos, photos, music, games, GPS navigation, social networking: all of these are contained in a remarkably capable sleek and light tablet. But who says only humans can experience all the good things offered by touch screen technology? Even your furry household members might appreciate what you’ve downloaded and installed in your iPad. You may even be amused how technologically inclined they are, given the opportunity.

But wait a sec? Paws on your iPad? Certainly, you adore your pet, but seriously: paws on your iPad, which costs you several hundred dollars? Well, before you mentally calculate the probable payment for the repair or replacement of a touch screen liquid crystal display, check out first the features of your iPad. Eureka! It has a backlit multitouch display with a fingerprint- and scratch-resistant coating and glass. In other words, it’s fine for your techie cat to swipe or scroll the sturdy screen using its paws. Believe it or not, cats are surprisingly gentle on the iPad screen.

And guess what? There are actually several iPad apps that can surely capture your cat’s attention. Most of these apps are free and tap into your cat’s innate instincts to hunt, with playful colors and movements that can arouse every feline sense. Your kitten can catch a selection of prey (e.g., rats, spiders, frogs). There are apps too that allow your cat to play with a roll of virtual yarn or chase a laser dot that moves around the screen. Once you’ve seen how hilarious it can be when your cat continuously attempts to paw on or catch critters on the screen, the fun just doesn’t stop.

Check out just how fascinated your cat could be with repetitive play on your iPad through this video…

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