Incredible Cat House

This video features an incredible cat house designed and built by Dennis Gallagher to provide a stimulating and fun living space for his rescue cats. The structure is designed so that the cats can go from inside Gallagher’s home to a connecting catwalk leading right to their cathouse. And if they want to, they can go back to the house on their own; their owners doesn’t need to open a single door or window to let them in.

A cat-friendly home is one where the environment suits both the cat and the owner. This cat house is truly remarkable! If I was a cat, I’d be having a blast living in that house.

Most human homes are not the ideal habitat for domestic cats so provisions have to be made to cater to their needs. This means that additional features should be added to homes to stimulate and challenge them so they can perform their natural behavior. Cats can easily adapt to indoor lifestyle but if they lack physical and mental stimulation, they can fall victim to a number of emotional and behavioral problems. Providing an appropriate environment for them can help prevent a number of health issues.

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