Video: Kitten Refuses To Leave Warm Bath!

Video: Kitten Refuses To Leave Warm Bath!Photo –

Here’s a highly entertaining video of a cat proving wrong the standard belief that cats hate water! 🙂 In a group of ten people, you might not find one who would agree that the words “cat” and “water” could go together harmoniously. But contrary to common belief, some cats do enjoy a nice, warm bath.

Here’s another common misperception – “Cats don’t fare well in water.” Wrong! In fact, their fur acts excellently as an insulating layer between the skin and the water, protecting the cat from extreme water temperatures. Secretions from the skin glands make a cat’s skin somewhat waterproof too.

Of course, some felines would freak out at the prospect of being wet. But unlike a kid resisting bath-time, a cat does have some fairly reasonable excuses to get its tail off the bathtub: Cats are expert self-groomers and they don’t slack when it comes to hygiene. Plus they have an amazing self-grooming tool to get the cleaning done: their barbed tongue. The surface of a cat’s tongue is covered with thousands of back-hooking barbs, which can act as tiny hairbrush bristles when a cat licks its fur. These barbs can effectively separate any tangled hair, and the cat’s saliva loosens the dirt, which aids in the cleaning process. Who needs water when you have a tongue that can do water’s task! However, there are situations that some licking can’t resolve: being heavily soiled from some stinky, sticky substance, for example.

In the wild, several of the domestic cat’s big brothers frolic in the water, especially during hot weather. Tigers and jaguars, for instance, seek the cooling aid of water to fight the blistering heat, while some wild cats actually swim to catch fish for a meal. But sometimes, it can be a different story for the domestic cat, which might perceive bathing as something stressful, if not terrifying. And when an animal is frightened, bites and scratches become more likely. Luckily, this is not the case with the kitty in the video. In fact, it’s surprisingly the opposite!

Okay, here is the video:

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