VIDEO: Kitten Stuck In Hamster Ball!

VIDEO: Kitten Stuck In Hamster Ball!Photo ©

The adage “curiosity kills the cat” didn’t just pop out from Pandora’s box. It’s a centuries-old expression that cautions the most inquisitive nose to avoid needless experimentation or investigation, all for the sake of not avoiding unnecessary risk.

But curiosity is also one aspect of life that makes it worth living. And your feline buddy knows that only too well! Cats, like most animals with an instinct to explore their surroundings, are curious. In fact, curiosity is probably one of the most prominent feline features we humans typically associate our cats with – beside their love for mice or moving objects and their one-of-a-kind, quirky personalities.

Some cat owners may hold on to anxiety’s grip at the thought of their cats venturing into seemingly “unsafe” activities or places. While it pays to always play on the safe side of things, cats do have tools to handle tough situations. Their long and flexible whiskers serve as perfect navigational instruments, acting as radars of even the slightest directional change in air currents. These thick hairs technically are touch receptors and make an excellent gauge in deciding whether or not your cat can fit into a tight opening or not. Your cat’s senses are not to be underestimated as well. Their eyesight adapts them to see in darkness or low-light conditions, and their hearing and smelling abilities are sharp, as expected from an efficient predator that scouts its environment.

Sure a kitten is probing and nosy, but how curious can a cat be? Let’s illustrate that with a fitting example. Check out Tom Tom in the video below by lekilimark. His definition of fun for the day? Having a good time inside a hamster ball and catching his tail while he’s in it! Monkney, on the other hand, seems to be rather interested in what his hermit crab-wannabe brother is up to and checks on him from time to time. Now that just adds to this video’s cuteness….

Okay, here is the super-fun (and now famous) video:

Enjoy! 🙂

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