Video: Kitten (Very) Suddenly Falls Asleep

Video: Kitten (Very) Suddenly Falls AsleepPhoto ©

Our pets can have such funny quirks that when you are lucky enough to capture the moment on camera, it’s going to turn into a viral sensation. Such was the case with this 30-second video. If you don’t know how to define the word ‘adorable’, then this should be it! I think this cat also defines the expression “face plant”… you’ll see what I mean when you see the video, it’s pretty cute.

Wouldn’t it be nice if only your cat had the same bed time as you? If you’re a light sleeper like me, you would easily wake up when you suddenly hear loud sounds. Just ask anyone who had the chance to sleep next to a snorer. Well, if you want your pet to have a good and restful sleep, you have to create a relaxing environment.

First, try to feed your cat something that he/she likes. Something like a small bowl of warm milk. It doesn’t have to be a heavy meal. Use cat-friendly milk (no affiliation) because they are very often lactose intolerant and can’t handle the regular milk that we usually drink. Leave food and water outside their bed if they’re craving for something to eat at night.
*trivia: Do you know why many people like to drink milk before going to sleep? It’s because it contains amino acids that will can help you feel more relaxed.*

Maintain a consistent bedtime routine so that your cat will also get the hint. If you turn off the lights at night, it will tell the cat that you’re ready to sleep. Also, you can stroke your pet for a few minutes so that it will feel calm and peaceful before sleep time. Depending on your cat’s personality, you can do a combination of techniques. Some pets feel relaxed when they just stay on your side, and some require physical touch.

Make sure that everything around you is peacful and quiet, so that it will be easier for your pet to sleep.

If your cat seems restless and surprisingly unruly, or doesn’t act normally, have it checked by a vet. He / she might be sick.

Ok, here is the cute video, isn’t it remarkable how suddenly the cat falls asleep?

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