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More crazy cat fun for you… this time a four-month old kitten called Flanigan (aka “Flanny” or even “Sir Flanigan”) decides to take on a watermelon! What will happen?

Quite what the watermelon did to warrant such an attack, I’m not quite sure. I can’t imagine that the cat (or any cat) would actually want to eat watermelon. It’s probably just the fact that it rolls in an unusual way. Sometimes cats just can’t help themselves. “If it moves, pounce on it” seems to be their M.O. And sometimes, just being there is enough to justify a pounce.

Young cats have the instinct of hunters coursing through their veins… and so, many situations like this occur because the cat is just following their instincts and ‘practising’ for adulthood. They just have the urge to start acting out the hunting moves and it sharpens their skills over time. However what’s entertaining about this is that the watermelon is not really very bite-able… our Flanny is clearly trying to get in a good bite but having trouble owing to the lack of angles.

It’s pretty funny. Cat almost gets rolled on at one point. Apparently the melon was covered in scratch marks after the ‘brawl’, but I think by the cat wasn’t too pleased with the general lack of results and he just sort of seems to get bored. He probably forgot all about it quite quickly, which is ironic because this video made him famous:

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