VIDEO: Oskar The Blind Kitten And His First Toys

VIDEO: Oskar The Blind Kitten And His First ToysPhoto ©

We found an adorable video by Mick12321kciM about Oskar, a blind kitten – and his fist experience playing with toys.

Blind cats unfortunately fall under the category “unadoptable,” a label to which more and more shelters in a few states adopt. Some even practice euthanasia among blind cats on the premise that hardly anyone will uphold the greater responsibility of adopting them. It turns out sadly that it’s not just any baseless premise; statistical data demonstrate that kind-hearted people who can muster the courage to provide a safe home for a kitten with a disability and adopt it are becoming a rare find.

Cats have a better visual field of view than humans, and although they cannot see in absolute darkness, they can still perceive form and movements in low-light conditions. Their acute sight makes cats effective predators, even in dim light, but sight is only one aspect of any cat’s senses. Their other senses, which also have a heightened sensitivity, can make up for the partial or total loss of vision such as that which occurs in blindness. A cat has “satellite-dish-like” ears that can efficiently pinpoint the source of a sound and has a sense of smell that is approximately fourteen times as strong as a human’s! And let us not forget about the whiskers, a fine collection of sensors that aid the cat in navigation and object detection.

When you consider the acuity of their senses of hearing, smell, and touch, the ability of a cat to adjust to an utter absence of sight is remarkable and cannot be underestimated. Obviously, blindness is tantamount to some occasional bumps into few household objects or furniture, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a blind kitten can’t live a happy life as easily as a cat with normal vision. Don’t believe it? Meet Oskar, a blind kitten unreservedly adopted by its owner despite being born without properly formed eyeballs. He may have low scores in the vision department, but look at how that doesn’t hinder him from living a normal life. Quite inspiring…

Okay, so here is the video:

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