Video: Proper Method For Bathing A Cat

Video: Proper Method For Bathing A CatPhoto –

Some people find it difficult to bathe a cat – because some of these animals tend to freak out when their owners try to bathe them. Many cats are naturally averse to water and wetness. That’s why it is important to expose your cat to bathing at such an early stage so they can tolerate the practice soon.

First time bathing can sometimes be a bit rocky. But as the cat learns to tolerate being wet, you might even have an enjoyable time bathing the cat, playing (and probably getting wet!)

There is no specific schedule for when or how often should you bathe your cat. Factors such as type of coat should be considered when bathing your pet. Nonetheless, the oiliness, smell and discoloration of coats are excellent indicators that your cat already needs a bath.

A small tub or a sink will do when bathing your cat. Well actually, any place will do for as long as both the cat and the owner are comfortable, and there should be a non-slip towel or mat for your pet.

Prior to giving a bath, thorough brushing is needed in order to eliminate mats and tangles, especially in those cats with long furs. Also, make sure that their nails are cut as this would help you avoid getting scratched later. Experts also suggest that you put cotton into the ears of the cat, and drop eye ointments to avoid any irritation later. [1]

For the main event, make it a habit to close the door of the bathroom so your pet won’t escape. While bathing, try to keep the pet shampoo and water from your cat’s eyes. Lather not just the head and the neck, but also the tails, legs, paws, chest, and belly. When rinsing, make sure that the soap is totally washed off because residues may irritate your pet’s skin.

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After bathing your cat, wrap her in a towel and place her in a warm place. After all the hard work, you cat deserves a treat. By giving her something that she would really love, you are able to give a happy ending to bathing. By so doing, future bathing would not be as bad and difficult for your pet. [2]

For a step-by-step demonstration on how to bath your pet successfully, watch this video by PurebredCatRescue. You’ll definitely be surprised how bathing becomes an enjoyable grooming practice for cats. Enjoy!


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Video - Proper Method For Bathing A Cat
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