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Any experienced and knowledgeable owner, who has been in the business of keeping cats, well understands that the claws sheathed with the skin and fur around the paw’s toe pads aren’t just for the sake of preventing wear from contact with the ground. These retractable claws were designed for another purpose: silent stalking of prey! Keeping their claws retracted and sheathed in preparation for a stealthy attack and expertly utilizing their excellent vision that can even work in dim light, the cat proves to be an effective hunter.

“Why do some cats still hunt and exert effort even though you are already thoughtfully pouring enough food into the cat bowls?,” a few cat owners may ask. For a minute, that sounded like a pretty logical question, until we recollect the part that cats were first used by humans to control the mouse and rat problem that plagued our crops and other foodstuffs hundred years ago. By nature, cats are hunters who are fond of stalking their prey, and the years of cat domestication process have not tainted their skills. Whether you like it or not, a kitty will get on his toes at the sight of a bird or a mouse – or even a toy mouse! And there is no best way to prevent this, as kittens will always have that natural instinct to chase and catch moving prey or “prey-like” items. To a cat’s perspective, hunting and stalking is more than just ensuring their stomachs are filled with flesh or meat. It’s their own definition of fun!

But have you ever imagined how it would feel to be the “prey” of your cat? For a domesticated cat, stalking can be just out of curiosity or a means to spice things up with excitement. Here’s a video of how interesting it would be to be the object of stalking of your feline companion. A note of warning first: don’t blink – otherwise you might miss the action!

Okay, here is the video:

Enjoy! 🙂

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