VIDEO: The Two Talking Cats

VIDEO: The Two Talking CatsPhoto ©

Meet Stina and Mossy, two feline lasses that have been known to spend an hour (probably more) chitchatting about the hottest topics flying around in the neighborhood… and gossiping about the cheerful, barking-fanatic dog next door.

Or so we think. Maybe they are in fact scheming about how to take over the dog kingdom behind every dog owner’s backs! That may sound silly, but you have to admit. This cat video by TheCatsPyjaaaamas makes you wonder, “What do cats actually discuss during one of these get-togethers?” The quality of the tuna fish season? World domination. Who knows?

According to their owner, Stina and Mossy sometimes settle things with a fight rather than with some civilized talk. After viewing the video above where they are in together, that’s hard to imagine I know. They seem to be best friends with no trouble as regards communication. And with an hour of chitchat-like meowing they are having in this video, it even becomes more difficult to comprehend why would equally adorable and friendly cats not get along in one household.

The truth of the matter is that at first, a cat will likely not accept another cat recently brought home by his owner. Cats are territorial, and a new feline resident only means one thing: your cat needs to share his food and water bowls, litter box, and – most importantly – your attention with a newcomer. Most cat owners would obviously hope for the best and trust that it will turn out smoothly in a matter of time. Sometimes, things just don’t work out – some cats are just like water and oil that could never be lifelong buddies. They may avoid each other or, worse, resort into aggression. The good news however is that is often does work out: with gradual introduction and a great deal of patience from their owners, resident cats can develop a friendly relationship with a new cat.

Okay, here is the video:

Enjoy! 🙂

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