VIDEO: This Cat Actually Plays The Piano!

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You’re going to love this video of a cat that actually plays the piano. It’s really something.

We all love music of different kinds and genres. Listening to music is a means of relaxation and, sometimes, a medium to express ourselves. Music is all around us, though not everyone is granted with the talent (or the opportunity) to be taught how to play an instrument. Different kinds of people appreciate different kinds of music as well. Sometimes, it depends upon their personality; sometimes, it’s about their mood. What about our pet cats? Have you ever wondered what they think about those pleasant (or unpleasant) sounds they hear?

We saw this irresistible video on YouTube and it is absolutely charming! Have you ever seen a cat play piano before? The cat’s name in the video is Nora and according to the video description, this music-lover feline began sitting at the piano at about one-year-old. In the video, you will see that she was hitting almost the same key for a couple of seconds while pressing her ear on the piano keyboard. It’s like she is trying to listen or to gauge the note. Then the next second she had used both her forefeet to play before she went back to her original position, with her right forefoot pressing a key or two.

The most amazing thing is that she really is listening to the sounds and really is playing. I was astonished and delighted when I saw it. She looks so fascinated with the music.

Like humans, different kinds of cats also prefer different kinds of music. A cat owner shared that one of his cats didn’t like music and is very fussy. On the other hand, his other cat “cannot stand silence and starts to complain [loudly!] if there isn’t noise!” Several cat owners also shared that their cats like calming classical music while others said that their cats like hip-hop. Some say that their cats prefer the kind of music that they (the owners) always listen too. Others say that their cats do not respond to music but react (positively, we hope!) when the owner is singing.

As for Nora, apparently she plays the piano only when she is in the mood to play. Ok, here is the video – enjoy:

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