Video: World’s Best Cat Toy

This video features Sammy who is just having a blast playing with his new toy! He was clearly having fun as he tried to catch the ball – and also had time to scratch his paws in the middle of the disk. This really might be the best cat toy – at least it is for Sammy.

Cats are heavy sleepers and they burn off their stored energy by hunting for food. Indoor cats however, does not need to hunt so they require alternative ways of burning off their energy. Which is why playtime becomes an essential contributor to a cat’s physical and mental well-being. Toys that satisfy a cat’s innate hunting drive will be most effective for creating a fun play experience for your feline friend. The following toys are perfect:

1. Scratching post – Cats scratch to sharpen their claws and to mark their territory. Scratching posts will be a suitable place to carry out this behavior.

2. Cat tunnels – They are naturally curious and love exploring so cat tunnels are a sure hit with them.

3. Teaser wands – These toys consist of a stick with a small toy attached to the end. When you wave or move it around, this will excite your cat because the toy seem to mimic the movements of its prey.

4. Balls – These toys entice cats to chase and seek them out.

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