Walking The Kitten

This is a hilarious video of Shorty and Kodi walking their ‘pet kitten’ which is actually a toy cat. In the beginning they can’t seem to decide who gets to walk the kitten first, but they finally they started walking the kitty down the hallway – after much discussion. They are so cute! Good thing that Shorty and Kodi were able to share their toy in peace. Some cats however have a harder time sharing not only their toys but also other resources.

The most common stressor in a multi-cat home is the competition for shared resources such as food, toys, litter box and the most choice resting spaces. Competition can result to anxiousness and aggression in cats. You can solve this problem easily by adding more “kitty resources” in your home to limit the possibility of fights.

It is also helpful to put the resources in each cat’s preferred location. Don’t line up food and water bowls next to each other. Instead, place them in separate rooms. The same concept also applies to litter boxes. This way, the timid cat doesn’t have cross paths with her more intimidating companion. If you provide enough resources in each cat’s area, you give them less reasons to compete with each other and this is a big step towards having a peaceful multi-cat household.

Walking The Kittenimage – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83IG1LbKd0E

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