What Cats Think When You Exercise

Watch Shorty and Kodi, two adorable rescue cats who bug their owner while he is working out. If you are a cat owner and you happen to do floor exercises, you will know that the video really does occur in real life. Since you go down on the floor (which humans don’t usually do), cats will feel obliged to welcome you to their territory.

The behavior is completely normal but sometimes it becomes too much of a bother. This could be a sign that your cat has an attention-seeking behavior. This behavior can occur due to a medical problem, separation anxiety or cognitive issues. Underlying health problems will cause cats to seek attention to get comfort from her pain. If you suddenly notice this behavior in your cat, consult the vet immediately to rule out any medical causes.

If your cat is perfectly healthy, she could be suffering from separation anxiety or cognitive issues. Make sure to give her physical and mental stimulation indoors always. You can do this by providing her with a cat tree which offers adequate climbing opportunities and toys which keep her mind sharp. Interactive play does wonders to a cat suffering from any behavioral issues. This for example could involve a fishing pole type toy-on-a-string to create a prey-like action. The aim here is to get your cat to think and act like the natural hunter she is.

What Cats Think When You Exerciseimage – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIatWYZgOKI

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