What It’s Like To Work With Cats!

Some cats seem to love lurking near computers and sometimes they even lie down on the keyboard. And they do this while you are working! The results are usually unfinished emails being sent, jumbled language typed onto the screen or even uninstalled programs… just because of your cat’s paws.

There are actually a couple of theories explaining this behavior but the most popular is that cats bother you because they want attention. Another theory is that cats are drawn to the warmth of the computer as well as to the movement of your hands moving across the keyboard. The cursor, sounds and the images on the screen can also easily capture their interest.

So how do you deal this behavior? If your kitty wants attention, try providing her a comfortable sleeping bed next to your keyboard so she can have an alternate place to sit but still be near you. Don’t forget to pet her once in a while!

If that doesn’t work, you have to find ways to engage your cat in activities that don’t require your constant involvement. Distraction is probably the only tactic which will deter your cat from your computer. Keep her toys near your desk for her to play with. Puzzle toys which will reward her with treats will definitely keep your furry friend busy for hours.

What It's Like To Work With Cats!image – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDuLeXx2Gv0

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