When Love From Brothers, Seamus And Angus, Takes An Unexpected Turn

This is a video of brothers Seamus and Angus, two Persian cats who are all about giving each other lots of love. While grooming, one of them had the sudden urge to bite. Guess he couldn’t help himself because of how cute his brother looked. Both of them are beautiful cats and their brotherly bond is very precious.

Persian cats are known for their quiet and loving nature. They love to sit on their owner’s lap and be petted. They are affectionate but they are discriminating; they reserve their attention for their family and a few friends that they can trust. They dislike loud surroundings and prefer a serene environment where they can just chill all day long. They are not cats who like to climb on curtains or to jump on to high shelves. They are perfectly content to rule their territory from the floor!

If you want to own a Persian cat, you have to commit yourself to grooming it every day. That beautiful coat won’t stay tangle-free on its own! It should be gently combed or brushed daily. Regular baths (at least once a month) are also recommended.

When Love From Brothers, Seamus And Angus, Takes An Unexpected Turnimage – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kq2UrhGSG5A

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