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The Aegean cat is a naturally developed breed from Greece. As a breed, these felines are rare but they are extensively common in their home island of Cyclades in the Aegean Sea. Although the locals have welcomed the felines into their households, the feral population of these cats is also large. They are found openly roaming around or lurking near fishing boats. [1] The Aegean cat is thought to be one of the oldest types of domesticated cats. The development of it as a formal breed began in the early 1990’s but the variety has yet to be recognized by any major fancier and breeder organization. It is considered to be the only native Greek variety of cat. [2]

Aegean cats have a semi-longhair coat that is two or three distinct colors. One of the colors is always white and covers a third to two thirds of the body. The other colors can be cream, blue, black or red – with or without tabby stripes. They are medium-sized with a lean, muscular body. They have striking almond-shaped eyes that can be any shade of green. [3]

Since the Aegean cats have been domesticated for many centuries and have been roaming the highly-inhabited island of Cyclades, they are very much accustomed to interacting with humans. This makes them a very social breed. Because they live on an island, they love water and are even known to go fishing with their human companions. They love attention and are genuinely affectionate. They are highly active and are good with children as well as other pets. These cats are also excellent mouse catchers. [1]

In spring, Aegean cats typically shed their excess fur to get ready for summer weather. Cats who live indoors, however, tend to shed year-round because they live in artificial light and conditions affecting the growth cycle of their fur. Brushing an Aegean cat weekly with a wire slicker brush is recommended to remove dead hair. The only other grooming they require is regular nail trimming and ear cleaning. [4]

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