Cat Breeds 101: Siberian!

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Cat Breeds 101: Siberian!Photo – Wikipedia – lic. under CC 3.0

In Russia, Siberian cats are considered to be a national treasure. However, today Siberian cats are popular in many regions of the world. Many people have become fond of this breed because they offer a complete package of balance, power, alertness, strength, and physical fitness.

Originally from the forested area of Siberia, this breed is known for its long, thick, and protective coat. The Siberian has been around for hundreds of years and has appeared in a number of folktales throughout Russia.

Generally, the males are considerably larger than their female counterparts. The color of their eyes may vary from green to gold. Their ears are round but sometimes appear tipped because of their fur. [1] To be able to adapt to the extreme Siberian climate, their coat tends to get thicker during the winter and sheds as it gets warmer. Thus, its coat needs to be brushed daily during this time. This cat comes in a variety of colors but they are extremely hard to find in countries like the US. [2]

Unlike other cats, the males help take care of the litter. Whenever they are allowed to access the nest, they help raise the kittens. Most female Siberians only have one mate throughout their entire lives. These cats do best in pairs and are often cuddling and spending all of their time together. This tendency makes this cat a great family pet. [3]

Siberian cats are claimed to be friendly, personable, and companionable. In fact, they love to be with their owners most of the time. It seems that this breed knows when to provide moral and psychological support to their owners. They tend to spend more time with members of their family who are in need of cheering up. They are actually considered to be an excellent choice for families with kids. They can get along with other household pets as long they understand that the Siberian is in charge. [2]

Unlike other cats, Siberians love to play in water. Also, they are said to be easygoing, fearless, and playful throughout their entire lives. They love to be on their owner’s lap while chirping and purring. They often run around the house and climb on trees. In addition to being mellow and quiet, Siberian cats are also loving and devoted to their families. [3]

Siberian cats are believed to be great hosts, even to strangers. They are not shy and can be trained easily.

Want to see how cute and adorable Siberian cats are? Check out this video:


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