Cat Breeds 101: Siberian

Cat Breeds 101 - Siberian
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In Russia, Siberian cats are considered a national treasure. However, Siberian cats nowadays have not only gotten the attention of Russians. Many people have become fond of this breed as it offers a “complete package” of balance, power, alertness, strength, and physical condition.

Originating from the forested area of Siberia, this breed is known for its long, thick, and protective coat. The breed has been around for more than a thousand years already in Russia, and appeared in a number of folktales in the country.

It takes five years before a Siberian matures. Generally, the males are quite larger than their female counterpart. Meanwhile, the color of their eyes may vary from green to gold, and all shades in between. Their eyes are round but sometimes appear tipped because of hair presence. [1] To be able to adapt to the climate, the Siberian’s coat tends to get thicker during winter, and by spring or fall, shedding happens. Thus, its coat needs to be brushed daily during this time.

Unlike other breeds, the male cats are helpful to their mates. Whenever they are allowed to access the nest, they help in taking care of the kittens. Many female Siberian cats have only one mate throughout their lives.

Siberian cats are claimed to be friendly, personable, and companionable. In fact, they love to be with their owners most of the time. They even enjoy the company of kids, and other pets as well. They are actually considered as one of the excellent choices for families with kids. They can live well with other pets, as long as the latter recognize that the former is the one in charge! [2] It seems that this breed know when to provide moral and psychological support to their owners. They tend to spend more time with members of their family who are in need of support.

Unlike other breeds of cats, Siberians love to play in water. Also, they are said to be easygoing, fearless, and playful all throughout their lives. They love to be on their owner’s lap while chirping and purring. They often run around the house, especially in higher places. In addition to being mellow and quiet, Siberian cats are also loving and devoted to their families. [3]

Siberian cats are also believed to be genial hosts, even to strangers. They are not the type who would get shy in front of strangers. With their agile brain, they are trainable and can learn tricks easily.



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